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“Something Mystical” Giving into this reality Wonder struck by complex simplicity Prioritizing all hopes and dreams Imagining all possibilities Staring at the sky with one chance to decide Visioning the thoughts that others see Compare it to your selfish fantasy Every narrowing opportunity Is closing in killing your destiny One turn at a time You’re going to leave it all behind It’s an overwhelming strain Of chances closing gates Left puzzled, and vanquished Promptly devastated Of how clearly complicated one day is It’s all over then it’s gone with a blink of an eye There’s a sudden dead end That short run we have Hides with every turn we decide An awakened reality Of death staring back at me Sheds light on my beliefs And forgives everyone I’ve denied Death is staring back at me Love all around, it all happens now
FREAK 03:30
“Freak” Still passing through signs and running over the clues Carefully following every line you drew Can’t forget all the times I had with you Why can’t I tell you my thoughts I wish you knew? Why cant things be simple not just another regret? Why cant I move on, why can’t I just forget How your just another person I met on the weekend? There must be something special fucked inside my head It’s so unusual I’m refusable You’re so suitable Suitable for me And I am such a freak Wasting every minute Trying to forget it Cause I can keep no secrets Just keep collecting regrets When I sleep, your spirit Pays my dreams a visit And every waking challenge Aches like you can’t imagine I can barely sleep When I start to think about your comfort that I seek And how it’s making me act like a freak When I start to think about your comfort that I seek How it’s making me act like a freak I’m acting like a freak
“Living in the Dark” Open up your heart And let me reach inside So I can see your thoughts And I can find out why If living in the dark And dreaming through the light Is how we fell apart Or am I just a lie? Unlocking the door And walking through your mind So I can see what’s wrong What’s wrong with my life? If I could be the one Holding you up high Hold the key to your heart I could feel alive It hurts when you’re in love It hurts to realize Living alone is a hard way to survive Living in the dark And dreaming through the light Reading through your thoughts I’m wishing they were mine I’m wishing you were mine
“Apprize” Now you’ve made your living But forgot about your life Just a slave to the trade As days go by The clock keeps on ticking Every second passes Every hour fades away The earth keeps on spinning Day becomes night As we are blinded Apprize everything The end’s growing closer Can you decide how to spend your time? When it’s all over Will you look back at it contently? Apprize everything


released April 3, 2015

All songs written, performed, and produced by Timecat
Timecat is:

Jay Jacobson
Matthew Thomson
David McInnis
Joey Claus

Recorded by Bryce Hotz at Archetype Recordings in Omaha, Nebraska in October of 2013.

Mixed by James Meslin of Jameslin Studios and Cove City Sound Studios in Baldwin, New York in fall of 2014.

Mastered by Steve Fallone of Sterling Sound in New York City, New York in December of 2014.

Artwork and Layout by Mike Zimmerman of Omaha, Nebraska.


all rights reserved



Timecat Omaha, Nebraska

midtown moon rock

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